100 Unique Boy Names That Start With "P" That Will Help Him Stand Out From the Crowd (2024)

Choosing a name for your baby boy is an exciting, yet daunting task. Names can carry extreme significance and, according to recent research, they can have an impact on everything from our choices of where to live, who to marry, and what career to pursue. Whether or not we're consciously aware of how much names matter, we carry our name around with us for the rest of our lives (usually) — so it’s only fitting that parents take their naming responsibility very seriously. Plus, it's fun!

With so many names to choose from, you could spend ages deliberating based on all sorts of categories. You might consider your heritage as a place to start, as there are many names that stem directly from different nationalities, including French baby names, Italian baby names, or monikers from elsewhere in the world. You could also choose a name based on the personality traits you'd love your child to have, such as a city-inspired baby name for adventurous little ones, or a cool baby name for the boy who’s bound to be a future rockstar. You could also simply select a baby name that's unique or pick a popular or trending baby name.

In short, you should keep all of this in mind when deciding what to name your baby boy — consider the meaning of different names, think about potential nicknames and what middle names might pair best. To help you wade through the many choices, start with these boy names that begin with the letter "P." (If none of these suits, you can also move on to boy names starting with "H" or boy names starting with "T"!)

  • Patrick: Of Latin origin, Patrick means "noble" or "patrician."
  • Patton: Patton is a British name with less popularity in the US, and means "fighter's town" in Old English.
  • Paul: The name Paul has religious connotations, since it was important in early Christianity, and means "humble."
  • Penn: The name Penn comes from the Old English word for an "enclosure," and can also mean "hill.
  • Parvinder: This is a powerful Indian name with an uncertain meaning. Most often it's believed to mean "god of gods."
  • Prentice: This name is derived from the English word "apprentice," and will likely get more popular in the coming years.
  • Peter: A well-known name, especially among Christians, Peter means "rock," which is based on the name Jesus gave to his most important apostle.
  • Phillip: Originally a Greek word meaning "horse lover," Phillip is now associated with royalty from the Duke of Edinburgh to Disney princes.
  • Padgett: In French, Padgett means "attendant." This name comes with the built-in nickname of "Padge."
  • Paine: For the baby destined to be rugged, Paine, which means"rustic" in Latin, is a solid choice.
  • Pedro: A popular Latino name, Pedro means "stone" or "rock" and is derived from the Greek name Peter.
  • Pagiel: This name has several biblical meanings such as "prevention," "prayer," and "of God."
  • Preston: Meaning "priest's town," Preston is of Old English origin and is a relatively popular British name today.
  • Paulo: Related to the name Paul, Paulo is a less popular version that also means "small" and has Latin origins.
  • Presley: Even though you might think of Elvis at first, Presley comes from an English surname meaning "priest's meadow."
  • Price: Meaning "prize," Price has Old French origins.
  • Pierson: The name Pierson is connected to both the Greek name Piers and the English name Pierce. It means "rock," and has gained popularity recently.
  • Princeton: Meaning "prince," it's undeniable that the Latin name Princeton sounds both regal and prestigious.
  • Phineas: The name Phineas is Hebrew, and may possibly have originated from the name Pinchas, which means "oracle."
  • Porter: Originating from a French surname meaning "gatekeeper," Porter is more popular as a last name, making it unique as a first name.
  • Pablo: The Spanish equivalent of Paul, Pablo means "little" and is most famously the first name of 20th century artist Picasso.
  • Pedro: The name Pedro is the Spanish equivalent of Peter, meaning "stone" or "rock." There are several famous Pedros in sports, such as Martinez and Guerrero.
  • Pierce: Pierce is another, less popular, variation of the Greek name Peter, which means "rock."
  • Pembroke: Meaning "bluff" or "headland," Pembroke is a name of Celtic origin.
  • Pompey - The name Pompey has both Latin and Italian descent. The meaning of Pompey in these languages is the number "five."
  • Prescott: The name Prescott comes from the Old English word for a "priest's cottage."

100 Unique Boy Names That Start With "P" That Will Help Him Stand Out From the Crowd (2)

Choosing a baby name does not need to be stressful, especially when you have these baby boy "P" names to choose from.

  • Pruitt: Perfect for a baby boy filled with courage, Pruitt means "brave little one." It originates from the Old French name Prewitt.
  • Platt: This name has French origins, and means "flat land."
  • Paxon: A unique name of Old English origin, Paxon means "Poecc's settlement".
  • Portland: The American cities might come to mind first when considering the name Portland, but it's actually British. It means "land near the port."
  • Patterson: The name Patterson is very unique at the moment and has Scottish roots. It means "son of Patrick; son of Peter."
  • Paydon: A less common variation of Patton or Peyton, Paydon means a "fighting man's estate."
  • Packard: The name Packard is German but the exact meaning isn't clear. It may mean "dweller at the brook" or it may refer to a peddler's pack.
  • Pickford: An Old English name, Pickford means "from the ford at the peak."
  • Paco: Stemming from the name Francisco, Paco is a shorter Spanish name.
  • Powell: The meaning of the name Powell isn't certain, but it may mean "son of Howell" in Old English.
  • Parker: A popular name for boys and girls, Parker is an English occupational name meaning "park-keeper."
  • Paxton: For the gentle soul, Paxton is a name of Latin origin meaning "peace town." It also has the great built-in nickname of Pax.
  • Phoenix: The name Phoenix means "dark red" in Greek and is a symbol of immortality, related to the mythic bird that rose from the ashes. It's also an appropriate name for anyone with ties to Arizona.
  • Peyton: Thanks to Peyton Manning, this name has become very popular in the world of sports. It's an English name meaning "fighting-man's estate."
  • Pace: A modern name that's calm and straightforward, Pace has grown in popularity among boys recently.
  • Palmer: The name Palmer is one of the fresher Old English options, and means "one who holds a palm."
  • Parry: A common name in Wales, Parry means "son of Harry."
  • Pasqual: For boys who are born in spring time, Pasqual, which means "Easter" in Spanish, can be a fitting name.
  • Perez: The name Perez has both Spanish and Hebrew origins. It means "to blossom."
  • Phinnaeus: This is an antique spelling of a Hebrew name meaning "oracle." Julia Roberts popularized it with her son, who she calls Finn for short.
  • Pranav: Meaning "primordial," Pranav is a relatively popular Indian name.
  • Parth: Parth is a name of both Hindu and Irish origins. In Hindu, it means "king," and the Irish name is a variation of Parthalán meaning "plowman."
  • Perry: Perry is a handsome name meaning "pear tree" in Old English.
  • Percy: A heroic name, Percy is a shorter form of Percival, which means "piercing the valley" in French.

100 Unique Boy Names That Start With "P" That Will Help Him Stand Out From the Crowd (3)

There are multiple factors that come into choosing the perfect name for your perfect bundle of joy.

  • Pierre: This is the French variation of Peter, which means "rock" in Greek.
  • Perseus: The name Perseus comes from Greek mythology, and is the moniker of a hero who is a son of Zeus.
  • Philemon: This is a unique Greek name from the New Testament which means "kiss."
  • Philippe: The French version of Philip, Philippe means "lover of horses."
  • Patricio: This is the Spanish version of the name Patrick, means "noble" or "patrician" in Latin.
  • Parks: For the son who's in touch with nature, the name Parks, which means "park-keeper" in Old English, is fitting.
  • Pietro: This variation of Peter is Italian, and shares the Greek meaning of Peter which is "rock."
  • Pavel: The Russian version of Paul, this name means "small."
  • Phelix: The name Phelix will suit the baby who can't stop smiling. It's a Latin variation of Felix, which means "happy" or "fortunate."
  • Pasquale: This is the Italian version of the name Pascal, meaning "Easter."
  • Paris: Known in modern France as the capital, the name Paris also has ancient roots as a well-known character in Greek mythology.
  • Proctor: A dignified name, Proctor is the Latin word for an "administrator."
  • Puck: The name Puck is recognizable from the character in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, and means "elf" in English.
  • Pippin: This is a royal French name derived from the eighth-century king of the Franks.
  • Pim: Short and sweet, Pim is a Dutch derivative of the name William.
  • Pancho: The name Pancho means "free" in Spanish. The name is also famous due to Pancho Villa, a general during the Mexican revolution.

100 Unique Boy Names That Start With "P" That Will Help Him Stand Out From the Crowd (4)

These "P" names for baby boys are unique, beautiful, and rich in tradition.

  • Prospero: An inspiring name, Prospero means "successful" and is a character in the Shakespeare play The Tempest.
  • Patrizio: For a dignified name, Patrizio means "noble" in Italian.
  • Penley: A grounded English name, Penley means "from the enclosed pasture meadow."
  • Paddy: This is an Irish name that means "noble." It also comes from a Latin word meaning "regal."
  • Palal: This is a biblical name meaning "thinking," making it worthy of the pensive child.
  • Palash: This Indian name means "flowering tree."
  • Park: This name can also be spelled with an 'e' at the end, and is English in origin. It means "of the forest."
  • Parkin: This is a unique English name meaning "little rock."
  • Parlan: A name with agrarian roots, Parlan derives from the Scottish word for "farmer."
  • Parnell: The name Parnell has both Irish and English origins. In Ireland, the name is famous for the 19th century Irish Nationalist Charles Parnell.
  • Parsifal: A medieval name, Parsifal is the hero of several stories related to King Arthur.
  • Pascal: In French, Pascal means "born on Easter," whereas in Hebrew, it means "born on Passover."
  • Patwin: This is a Native American name meaning "man."
  • Peadar: A common Irish variation of the name Peter, this name also means "rock."
  • Parlan: The name Parlan is a Gaelic variation of the name Bartholomew.
  • Pedaiah: This is a biblical name meaning "redemption of the Lord."
  • Pelham: The name Pelham is British and comes from a place in England.
  • Pacifico: Meaning "calm" or "tranquil," Pacifico is a soothing Spanish name.
  • Pippino: The name Pippino is the Italian version of the name Joseph.
  • Page: Based on the Greek word "pais," or a child, the name Page means “a boy in training for knighthood.”
  • Peregrin: Future explorers will be inspired by the name Peregrin, which means "traveler" or "wanderer" in Latin.
  • Philbert: This name places an emphasis on intelligence, since it's German for "the lover of enlightenment."
  • Philemon: Greek for "loving," Philemon is a name that suggests warmth and sensitivity.
  • Phelps: Many people today would associate this name with the famous Olympian Michael, but Phelps has English origins and means "son of Philip."
  • Phinian: This name has Irish origins and means "fair."
  • Pike: The name Pike is short and sharp like what it means: "a spear."
  • Piper: As this spunky name suggests, Piper means "one who plays the pipes."
  • Pollux: Greek for "crown," Pollux is unique and regal name.
  • Ponce: If he has four older siblings, Ponce, meaning "fifth" in Spanish, could be the perfect name.
  • Porat: This is a Hebrew name meaning "fruitful" or "productive."
  • Potter: An occupational name, Potter stems from the Old English "maker of pots."
  • Prudentius: This name means "caution" or "discretion" in Spanish.
  • Parmenio: Spanish for "intelligent," Parmenio is fitting for a bright youngster.
  • Paz: The name Paz is short but powerful, meaning "God's gold" in Hebrew.

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100 Unique Boy Names That Start With "P" That Will Help Him Stand Out From the Crowd (5)

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100 Unique Boy Names That Start With "P" That Will Help Him Stand Out From the Crowd (2024)
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