180 Baby Boy Names With The Letter W - Creative Nomenclature (2024)

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Selecting the perfect name for your baby boy is a momentous decision. If you have a penchant for names beginning with the letter “W,” you’re in the right place.

In this article, we present a thoughtfully curated list of 180 distinctive baby boy names commencing with “W.”

Whether you prefer classic or contemporary choices, this collection offers a plethora of options for defining your little one’s identity.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of “W” names for boys!

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Table of Contents

Top Baby Boy Names Beginning With W

  • Walter: A Germanic name signifying “ruler of the army,” known for its historical and pop culture connections.
  • Waylon: A variant of Wayland, evoking the concept of being “skilled.”
  • Wade: Meaning “a ford” or “to go,” representing the idea of movement.
  • Wesley: A name symbolizing “west meadow,” with connections to notable figures like John Wesley and Wesley Snipes.
  • William: A timeless choice, with a meaning of “will helmet,” steeped in royal and literary significance.
  • Warren: A versatile name that interprets to “animal enclosure,” suitable for various cultural backgrounds.
  • Winston: Linked to iconic figures such as Winston Churchill and the literary classic “1984,” encompassing the essence of “joy” and “stone.”
  • Walker: A name harkening back to medieval vocations, suggesting the act of “walking.”
  • Weston: A name that embodies the meaning “west enclosure,” as exemplified by Weston McKennie.
  • Wyatt: A robust name rooted in “battle” and “bravery.”

Unique Baby Boy Names Beginning With W

  • Wilder: A name associated with nature and adventure, evoking the quality of being “untamed.”
  • Wren: A short and sweet option that reflects the bird known for its melodious song.
  • Wells: A name originating from a surname, denoting someone who lived near a well or spring.
  • Walken – This name has Australian Aboriginal origins and means “unknown” or “new beginning.”
  • Wassily – A unique name of Russian origin that means “king” or “ruler.”
  • Waheed – An Arabic name meaning “peerless” or “unique.”
  • Waage – A Scandinavian name that means “scales” or “balance.”
  • Waban – An Algonquin name meaning “east wind.”
  • Winter – A nature-inspired name associated with the coldest season.
  • Willoughby: Old English, meaning “willow town.”
  • Wystan: Rare English name, derived from “battle” and “stone.”
  • Wahunsenacawh: Meaning unknown, a Powhatan chief’s name.
  • Wigbrand: Ancient Germanic, associated with “war” and “sword.”
  • Wandel: German and Dutch, possibly “wanderer.”
  • Wessel: Dutch and Frisian, diminutive of Werner, meaning “guard” or “army.”
  • Walchelin: Ancient Germanic, signifying “foreign.”
  • Wasyl: Ukrainian, Polish form of Basil, meaning “king.”
  • Wawrzyniec: Polish form of Laurence, from “from Laurentum.”
  • Wael: Arabic for “refuge” or “shelter.”
  • Wealhmaer: Old English, translating to “foreigner,” “Celt,” or “famous.”
  • Wandalin: Ancient Germanic, referring to a Vandal.
  • Willibald: From Germanic elements for “will,” “desire,” and “bold.”
  • Werther: Germanic elements for “worthy” and “army.”
  • Waldek: Polish, meaning “rule.”
  • Waheed: Arabic for “peerless” or “unique.”
  • Widogast: Ancient Germanic, combining “wood,” “stranger,” and “guest.”
  • Wamalwa: Luhya, signifying “born during the brewing season.”
  • Wanjala: Luhya, linked to being “born during famine.”
  • Winslow: Old English, signifying “hill belonging to Wine.”

Fun Names For Boys Starting With W

  • Wolfgang: German, meaning “wolf” and “path.”
  • Wangchuk: Tibetan, signifying “mighty” and associated with the god Shiva.
  • Wilhelm: The German form of William, with historical and philosophical significance.
  • Wotan: A variant of Wodan, the Germanic name for the Norse god Odin, known from Wagner’s opera.
  • Wawatam: Likely meaning “little goose” in Ojibwe, used by an eighteenth-century chief.
  • Wielislaw: Polish, meaning “great glory.”
  • Wilder: English surname suggesting “wild,” “untamed,” or “uncontrolled.”
  • Wallace: English and Scottish, with roots in “foreigner,” linked to Scottish hero William Wallace.
  • Wojciech: Polish, pronounced “Voi-chekh,” meaning “warrior” and “solace” or “joy.”
  • Widukind: Derived from Germanic words for “wood” and “child.”
  • Waman: Quechua, signifying “eagle” or “falcon.”
  • Wasswa: Luganda, meaning “first of twins.”
  • Walganus: A variant of Gualguainus, the Latin name for Arthurian knight Gawain.
  • Waldobert: Ancient Germanic, combining “rule” and “bright.”
  • Walhberct: Ancient Germanic, associated with “stranger” and “bright.”
  • Willka: Aymara, signifying “sun.”
  • Wynnstan: Old English, blending “joy” and “stone.”
  • Wadud: Arabic for “lover” and “affectionate.”
  • Warin: Ancient Germanic, linked to “guard” and “protect.”
  • Wasim: Arabic, meaning “handsome.”

Boy Names With W From Around The World

  • Wattana: Thai, meaning “development.”
  • Waclaw: Polish, from Slavic elements meaning “more” and “glory.”
  • Wayan: Balinese, associated with “energy,” “strength,” and “age.”
  • Wanyonyi: Luhya, signifying “born during the wedding season.”
  • Willem: Dutch form of William, with historical and modern significance.
  • Wongani: Chewa, expressing “thank.”
  • Wira: Indonesian and Malay, meaning “hero.”
  • Wassily: Russian, an alternative transcription of Vasiliy, related to “king.”
  • Wolodymyr: Ukrainian, derived from Slavic elements meaning “rule” and “great.”
  • Walter: Spanish and Portuguese variant of Walter, common in South America.
  • Wayra: Quechua, signifying “wind” or “air.”
  • Winoc: Breton, a variant of Gwenneg, meaning “white,” “fair,” or “blessed.”
  • Woo-Jin: Korean, combining elements like “house,” “universe,” “help,” and “protect.”
  • Wahyu: Indonesian, meaning “revelation.”
  • Whetu: Maori, signifying “star.”
  • Wafai: Arabic, expressing “loyalty.”
  • Workneh: Amharic, conveying “You are gold.”
  • Wullem: Limburgish, derived from “will helmet.”
  • Wafula: Luhya, associated with “born during the rainy season.”
  • Wanangwa: Tumbuka, meaning “freedom.”
  • William (English) – Meaning “resolute protector”
  • Walter (German) – Meaning “ruler of the army”
  • Wyatt (English) – Meaning “brave in war”
  • Wataru (Japanese) – Meaning “to cross over” or “to traverse”

Adorable Names for A Boy Starting With W

  • Wally: Diminutive of Walter or Wallace, meaning “ruler of the army” or “foreigner.”
  • Wiley: Derived from English place names like Willey or Wylye.
  • Woody: A diminutive for Woodrow, a surname meaning “row of houses by a wood.”
  • Waldo: Originating from Waltheof or the Germanic name meaning “rule.”
  • Wobbe: A variant of Wob, a Frisian diminutive of names with “rule.”
  • Wilbur: Derived from the Middle English term for “wild boar.”
  • Wido: Short for names beginning with the Germanic element “wood.”
  • Wilkie: From the English surname, a diminutive of William.
  • Wilton: Derived from several English town names, possibly meaning “willow town” or “well town.”
  • Wilbert: Dutch, meaning “bright will.”
  • Wafi: Arabic, signifying “trustworthy,” “reliable,” and “loyal.”
  • Walenty: Polish, expressing “strong,” “vigorous,” and “healthy.”
  • Walid: Arabic, meaning “newborn.”
  • Wayna: Quechua, signifying “young boy.”
  • Wemba: Old English, associated with “belly.”
  • Willi: German, with the meaning “will helmet.”
  • Winnie: English, signifying “friend of peace.”
  • Wubbe: Frisian and Dutch, linked to “rule.”
  • Wynne: Welsh, conveying “blessed,” “white,” and “fair.”
  • Wasswa: Luganda, expressing “first of twins.”

Short And Crisp Names For Boys With Letter W

  • Wu: Meaning “military, martial,” used by Chinese rulers like Emperor Wu of Han.
  • Wilf: Adorable short form of Wilfred, meaning “desiring peace.”
  • Wei: Transcription from various Chinese characters, with multiple meanings.
  • Wil: Short form of William, as seen in actor Wil Wheaton.
  • Wolf: German, simply signifying “wolf.”
  • Wim: Dutch short form of Willem, associated with “Iceman” Wim Hof.
  • Wazo: Originally used for Germanic names meaning “to go” or “guard.”
  • Wout: Dutch, linked to “ruler of the army.”
  • Walt: Short form of Walter, made famous by Walt Disney.
  • Wat: Medieval short form of Walter, meaning “ruler of the army.”
  • Wyn: Welsh, expressing “blessed,” “white,” and “fair.”
  • Wilt: Short form of Wilton, borne by basketball player Wilt Chamberlain.
  • Win: Burmese, expressing “bright,” “radiant,” and “brilliant.”
  • Wine: Old English, conveying “friend.”
  • Wen: Chinese, linked to “literature,” “culture,” and “writing.”
  • Wail: Arabic, meaning “refuge” or “shelter.”
  • Wira: Indonesian and Malay, meaning “hero.”
  • Wate: Frisian, signifying “ruler of the army.”
  • Wum: Limburgish, with the meaning “will helmet.”
  • Wyot: Middle English form of Wigheard, signifying “battle,” “brave,” and “hardy.”
  • Wade: Old English, meaning “to go,” “to advance,” or “to move.” #
  • Wes: Short for Wesley, an English surname with several possible meanings.
  • Wallis: Derived from the Germanic name Walahfrid meaning “foreigner” and “peace.”
  • Weber: German occupational name for a weaver.
  • Willie: Diminutive of William, popularized by country singer Willie Nelson.
  • Wynn: Welsh, expressing “blessed,” “white,” and “fair.”
  • Webb: English occupational name for a weaver.
  • Wilder: Meaning “wild animal,” often used as a given name in modern times.
  • Wyatt: Anglo-Saxon surname turned first name, meaning “brave in war.”
  • Ward: From an Old English word meaning “guardian” or “watchman.”

W Boy Names With A Powerful And Strong Appeal

  • Wayne: Derived from the occupational surname meaning “wagon maker.”
  • Washington: Famous as the capital of the United States, meaning “settlement belonging to Wassa people.”
  • Waldemar: Germanic derivative of the Slavic name Vladimir, meaning “rule,” “great,” and “famous.”
  • Wob: Frisian, simply signifying “rule.”
  • Wymond: Medieval English, signifying “battle” and “protector.”
  • Wenceslaus: Latinized form of Veceslav, signifying “more” and “glory.”
  • Wapasha: Dakota, meaning “red leaf,” used by several Dakota chiefs.
  • Wickaninnish: Possibly meaning “having no one in front of him in the canoe” in Nuu-chah-nulth.
  • Werner: Germanic name, with roots in “guard” and “army,” known for physicist Werner Heisenberg.
  • Wilfred: Old English, expressing “desiring peace.”
  • Wolfram: German, combining “wolf” and “raven.”
  • Wasi: Arabic, meaning “broad-minded,” “liberal,” and “learned.”
  • Warwick: Originating from the English town name, meaning “weir,” “dam,” and “settlement.”
  • Wahid: Arabic, signifying “peerless” or “unique.”
  • Wiebe: Frisian and Dutch, associated with “war.”
  • Waqar: Arabic, conveying “majesty” and “dignity.”
  • Wil: Short form of William, as seen in actor Wil Wheaton.
  • Wu: Meaning “military, martial,” used by Chinese rulers like Emperor Wu of Han.
  • Wilf: Adorable short form of Wilfred, meaning “desiring peace.”
  • Walt: Short form of Walter, made famous by Walt Disney.

Exploring More Names With W For Baby Boys

  • Waldhar – Germanic, “ruler of the army.”
  • Waldomar – Germanic, “famous ruler.”
  • Walerian – Latin, “strong” or “healthy.”
  • Walherich – Meaning unclear.
  • Wallis – Old English, “Welshman” or “foreigner.”
  • Walther – Germanic, “ruler of the army.”
  • Wambdi – Sioux (Lakota), “white eagle.”
  • Wambli – Sioux (Lakota), “eagle.”
  • Wandal – Meaning unclear, possibly Germanic or Slavic.
  • Waramunt – Meaning unclear.
  • Warinhari – Meaning unclear.
  • Warrick – Possibly English, related to “dweller by the dam.”
  • Wate – Meaning unclear.
  • Watse – Meaning unclear.
  • Webster – Old English, “weaver of webs.”
  • Weldon – Old English, “hill in a forest.”
  • Wenceslas – Slavic, “greater glory.”
  • Wenzel – Diminutive of Wenceslas, “greater glory.”
  • Westley – Old English, “western meadow.”
  • Whitaker – Old English, “white field.”
  • Whitney – Old English, “white island.”
  • Widald – Meaning unclear.
  • Wiegand – Germanic, “battle path.”
  • Wighard – Meaning unclear.
  • Wigmar – Meaning unclear.
  • Wilburn – Old English, “well-stream.”
  • Wiley – Old English, “from the willow grove.”
  • Wilford – Old English, “willow tree ford.”
  • Wilfrid – Old English, “desiring peace.”
  • Wilky – Meaning unclear.
  • Will – Old English, “desire.”
  • Willard – Old English, “strong-willed.”
  • Williric – Meaning unclear.
  • Willis – Old English, “son of Will.”
  • Wilmer – Old English, “famous for desire.”
  • Windsor – Old English, “riverbank with a windlass.”
  • Winfield – Old English, “friend’s field.”
  • Winthrop – Old English, “friendly village.”
  • Wiremu – Maori form of “William.”
  • Wisdom – Signifies “knowledge” and “good judgment.”
  • Wit – Represents “knowledge” and “intelligence.”
  • Witek – Polish diminutive of Witold, “ruler of the forest.”
  • Witold – Slavic, “ruler of the forest.”
  • Woden – Refers to the god Odin in Norse mythology.
  • Wolfe – Old English, “wolf.”
  • Wollem – Meaning unclear.
  • Wolter – Meaning unclear.
  • Woodie – Diminutive related to “wood” or “forest.”
  • Wulf – Old English, “wolf.”
  • Wyber – Meaning unclear.


In conclusion, names with the letter W have a powerful and strong appeal. They often have meanings related to battle, strength, or leadership.

Many are of Germanic or Old English origin, but there are also names from other languages such as Arabic and Maori.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional name like William or a unique one like Wapasha, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to boys’ names starting with W.

Hopefully this list has given you some inspiration for your little one’s name!

Remember, these are just some suggestions and ultimately the most important thing is that the name feels right for you and your family.

Happy naming!

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180 Baby Boy Names With The Letter W - Creative Nomenclature (2024)
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