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Baby boy names that start with Q are particularly rare. We’ve gathered the best to give you some inspiration when naming your little one.
If you’ve made it all the way to the seventeenth letter of the alphabet, we’re guessing you’re looking for something unique for your new arrival.

Words starting with the letter Q are notoriously rare in English, as anyone involved in a game of Scrabble will tell you (especially if you don’t have access to a U).

That makes boy names that start with a Q a particularly distinctive choice.

Ready to explore these exclusive options? Lets’s dive in.

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  • What is the rarest baby boy name that starts with a Q?

Popular boy names that start with a Q

Only two boys names that start with Q made it onto our list of the top baby names of 2021.

  1. Quinn: This gender-neutral name works just as well for a girl or boy.
    Quinn is Gaelic in origin and comes from the Irish surname O’Cuinn, meaning “descendant of Conn.” Conn means “leader” or “wisdom.”
  2. Quentin: This name is the French version of a Latin first name Quintus /Quintinus, which means “fifth.”

What is a unique boy name that starts with a Q?

Luckily, there are many q boy names that fit this bill.

Many come from Arabic and Gaelic roots, which could make them a good fit if you have connections to either of these origins.

And there are also many options from other parts of the world too.

Here’s what’s on offer.

  1. Qabil: This is an Arabic name meaning “acceptor.” According to the Qur’an, Qabil was the son of the first human beings, Adam and Hawah (Eve).
  2. Qadim: This boy’s name is Arabic in origin and means “ancient.” This is the less well-known spelling — you’re more likely to see it as Kadeem.
  3. Qaiser: Did you know that Qaser is the Arabic version of Caesar?
  4. Qasim: This one’s for a peanut that plays well with others. It’s an Arabic name meaning “charitable or “generous.”
  5. Qiao: This Mandarin name means “pretty,” “attractive,” or “handsome.”
  6. Qing Yuan: Another Mandarin name meaning “deep water” or “clear spring.”
  7. Qinglong. This Chinese name is made of two parts: qing means “blue, green” and long means “dragon.”
  8. Quade: This boy’s name comes from an Irish Gaelic surname O Uaid, meaning “son of Uaid.” Uaid itself means “powerful ruler.”
  9. Quadir: This mighty name means “strong” or “powerful” in Arabic.
  10. Quamir: Maybe your little one had a late night birth? This Arabic name means “moon.” It’s a variation of the name Qamar.
  11. Quanah: This is a Native American (Comanche) name meaning “fragrant” or “sweet smelling.” An alternative spelling is Quana which could also be a variation of the Hawaiian name, Kiana.
  12. Quant: An English surname, this name likely comes from the Old French, and means “knowing” or “clever.” It may have started out as a nickname for someone who had these qualities.
  13. Quany: This Scottish name means “proud.”
  14. Quenby: From its English roots, this royal name means “from the queen’s manor.”
  15. Quest: This interesting name comes from the Latin or Old French words for “search.” Consider it for an adventurous little boy.
  16. Quill: This name is an anglicized version of the Irish surname O’ Cuill, meaning son of Cuill. Cuill means “wood” or “forest.”
  17. Quiller: With its Old English origin, it’s not hard to see how this name relates to the occupation of being a scribe.
  18. Quillon: Quillon is the name of part of the crossguard on a sword. This name is French in origin.
  19. Quilo: We all know Achilles, the legendary Greek hero who fought and died at the Battle of Troy. Quilo is a variation of his name. And from Roman mythology, Quilo refers to the north wind.
  20. Quirijn: If you’re looking for a Dutch boy’s name that starts with q, this may be just what you’re after. It means “spear.”
  21. Qulaetaqa: Another lovely Native American (Hopi) name meaning “guardian of the people.”
  22. Quennel: This is a very cute name for your little one. It’s French in origin and means “from the little oak tree.”
  23. Quenton: A variation of Quentin, meaning “fifth.”
  24. Quesnel: This name has the same meaning as Quennel — “from the little oak tree.” Interestingly, it has the same pronunciation too. Another fun fact? It’s also the name of a city in British Columbia, Canada.
  25. Quim: A Portuguese name meaning “established by God.” It can also be a shortened form of Jaoquim, the Portuguese version of Joachim.
  26. Quin: Variation of Quinn. Like Quinn, this name is unisex and is steeped in wisdom.
  27. Quincy: Quincy was originally an English surname of Norman origin, meaning “fifth son’s estate.” It can also be spelled, Quincey.
  28. Quinlan: Quinlan comes from the Irish Gaelic name O Coainlean which means “son of Caoinlean.” Caionlean itself means “slender” or “well-formed.”
  29. Quinten: Variation of Quentin. Yep, you guessed it — it means “fifth.”
  30. Quintin: Lots of variations of Quentin in this list. Choose your own adventure when it comes to your preferred spelling.
  31. Quinton: Quinton comes from two old English words, cwen (meaning queen) and tun (meaning farmstead, estate, or settlement). It’s used as a place name and as a surname in French. It could also be a variation of Quentin, with the same Latin origin meaning “fifth.”
  32. Quique. This is the shortened version of the Spanish name Enrique, which means “ruler of the home.”
  33. Quito: This Spanish name means “fifth.” It’s also the capital city of Ecuador.
  34. Quý: From its Vietnamese origins, this sweet name means “precious” or “valuable.”

What is the rarest baby boy name that starts with a Q?

Many Q names for boys are pretty rare.

But we think the unusual pronunciation of this one gives it a particularly unique edge

  1. Quantrell: Quantrell is one of many last names beginning with Q that has, over time, become a first name. It’s Norman in origin and is thought to come from the Old French for “a small bell” or “the little singer.”
    Either way, it has a musical ring to it.

So there you have it — our favorite baby boy names that start with Q from all over the world.

Enjoy picking one for your new baby! Exciting times ahead.

And if you’d like to toss some ideas around with other mamas, join us on Peanut.

36 Baby Boy Names That Start With Q | Peanut (2024)
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