Austin McBroom's Most Concerning Moves Since Divorcing Catherine Paiz - The List (2024)


Austin McBroom's Most Concerning Moves Since Divorcing Catherine Paiz - The List (1)

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YouTube couple Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz announced their divorce in January 2024, and there were signs their relationship wasn't going to last. Although Paiz and McBroom's Instagram posts announcing the split said they "mutually agreed to a divorce," some of McBroom's behavior following the breakup has called that into question. McBroom has posted a lot of odd content on Snapchat since the split, which has beenreuploaded to TikTok.

People thought McBroom's strange behavior seemed like a ploy for attention or a sign that he wasn't happy about the divorce. In one video shared by TikToker @therealkatherine, which she called "awkward and cringe," McBroom lamented about how badly he felt. "I got chills, and a fever," he said. "I been sweating from head to toe. What should I do y'all? Hopefully I don't have the c-word" (likely referring to Covid-19). He wondered if he needed to head to the hospital just in case. McBroom also said the bonnet he wore over his hair was one of Paiz's and asked his followers for advice. The comments of that TikTok were filled with incredulous people.

TikToker @NoahGlennCarter also posted a video dissecting McBroom's odd Snapchat posts. Carter shared the same sick-day clip and one where McBroom cartwheeled over his phone camera. Carter also theorized the divorce wasn't so mutual based on those posts. However, the accusations of infidelity that McBroom had thrown his way during his relationship with Paiz have Carter (and likely others) not feeling too sympathetic for him.

McBroom moved into an RV outside Paiz's home

Austin McBroom's Most Concerning Moves Since Divorcing Catherine Paiz - The List (2)

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Another odd move Austin McBroom documented on social media following the divorce was moving into an RV parked near Catherine Paiz's house. In a videoreuploaded onTikTok by @_vidz_00, McBroom called the move "just temporary" because he couldn't get the house he wanted. Living right outside your ex's house is strange, but McBroom said it was so he could stay close by his and Paiz's children. Despite that, people thought it was a wild thing to do. One person commented and said, "he couldn't get a hotel?? airbnb?? stay at his friends or family's house? omg catherine im PRAYING [crying emojis]."

McBroom laterlamented about receiving a ticket for parking his RV in the neighborhood. On a separate occasion, he claimed Paiz told him he could stay in her house, but that he chose not to because, "Obviously during this separation, we need space. Not too much space, but enough space" (via TikTok). "Not too much space" is right.

McBroom reiterated other times that he wants to live really close to Paiz because of their kids, but he could have other motivations. Whatever he really wants, he's been documenting his living situation saga through other dramas — such as when his RV apparently got towed.Some questioned the legitimacy of McBroom's recent life events. One Reddit thread had eagle-eyed viewers believing the RV wasn't his, but an Airbnb he rented. That caused them to question if McBroom and Paiz really divorced.

McBroom wrote a rap for Paiz

Austin McBroom's Most Concerning Moves Since Divorcing Catherine Paiz - The List (3)

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Despite online detectives thinking otherwise, it seems Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz are officially split — but McBroom's not happy. For one thing, McBroom and rapper DDG madea rap together called "Still My Ace" (a play on Paiz and McBroom's YouTube channel name, Ace Family). DDG rapped McBroom's feelings about the divorce. It opened with, "I miss you, I love you, I've been in this RV, no heat." The song's lyrics expressed how McBroom misses Paiz and seemingly wants to get back together.

DDG made a song about Austin McBroom's divorce. 😂‼️

— DramaAlert (@DramaAlert) February 1, 2024

McBroom even stayed with DDG and his girlfriend Halle Bailey, who welcomed their son in 2023, for a short time. The temporary stay seemedlike it could be fictionalized, due to some outrageous behavior (e.g.,DDG apparently didn't care when McBroom supposedly broke an ankle and McBroomplayed loud music while his baby was trying to sleep).DDG claimed otherwise, telling his Snapchat followers, "it ain't entertainment, it is real life" (via Capital Xtra).

When Paiz was asked aboutMcBroom's strange behavior (especially the song) on Snapchat, she responded, "I'm grateful to be evolved because his behavior and coping mechanism is beyond me. He tells me he's doing well though so I trust that. But as for the song, I laughed and lowkey has a little ring to it" (viaDexerto). It definitely seems like she's moved on from family YouTuber life, because onanother Snapchat story, she said any future relationships would "be sacred, private, and protected."


Austin McBroom's Most Concerning Moves Since Divorcing Catherine Paiz - The List (2024)
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