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Cheating continues to be a pain in the neck in every education system. Different statistics indicate that more than 70 percent of high school and college students cheat in their studies.

More than 90 percent of this cheating percentage claim that they have never been caught.

With the introduction of distance learning, especially in higher learning institutions, cheating has been more rampant.

However, the unveiling of remote proctoring programs and software in invigilating online examinations has reduced the frequency of cheating in these online tests.

With the introduction of McGraw Hill Tegrity Remote Proctoring service, one could still ask;Can McGraw Hill detect cheating?

Read through this article and expand your knowledge on this matter.

Can McGraw Hill Detect Cheating?

McGraw Hill can detect cheating. Through the use of a web proctoring service, McGraw Hill can show if a student cheats in an online assessment or not.

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McGraw Hill Tegrity Remote Proctoring has partnered with Proctorio to secure academic honesty and integrity. This service has incorporated Respondus Lockdown Browser to be used in an invigilated examination environment.

This browser is meant to deter the test-takers from copying, looking at other websites, printing, and reaching other applications during the assessment session.

Additionally, McGraw’s Tegrity Campus, a tool in McGraw Hill Connect, aids in remote invigilation. This feature employs video technology and a webcam to tape test-takers during non-invigilated online examinations.

Then, in case of suspicion of a cheating case, the instructor can review the specific recording footage and ascertain whether cheating took place or not.

In addition to the Respondus technology, McGraw Hill’s proctoring service allows educators to know the geolocation of their students and verify the students’ IDs.

These services contribute to accountable assessments that are free of cheating, which is fair to both the students and the professors.

Can McGraw Hill Detect Cheating on Homework?

McGraw Hill can detect cheating on homework. When you are doing your homework, the complete online proctoring service from McGraw Hill can detect mischievous activities during the homework session.

When attempting your homework, you might be enticed to search for answers from Google or inquire from a colleague through instant messaging. These forms of cheating will be detected by the McGraw Hill Tegrity Remote Proctoring service.

It is vital to remember that your microphone and webcam are always in operation throughout the homework sitting.

This means that the footage of your homework session is being recorded. Therefore, your instructor can always inspect that footage to see if you cheated or not.

In addition, when you launch the homework screen, the lockdown browser deters you from accessing and communicating with other applications.

This means that you will only access the screens that you need to complete the homework. Any action in your computer that deviates from this norm will certainly be detected.

How to Cheat on McGraw Hill

First, it is important to note that cheating on McGraw Hill is very difficult due to integrating the webcam, microphone, and lockdown browser.

These features make the McGraw Hill Tegrity Remote Proctoring service complete and effective in ensuring cheating-free assessments.

However, with no human presence in the assessment room, cheating is still very likely. Even with a microphone and a camera placed before you to record your activities during the assessment, cheating is still possible.

Whether you use your technical expertise or not, cheating on McGraw Hill is a likely event. Listed below are some of the tricks you could employ to cheat on McGraw Hill:

  • Create a False Profile

You could complete the exam using an unofficial account; You will have a friend sign up using your parallel account.

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You can then apply the answers they get on your McGraw Hill account and perform well. However, be careful since your school can be very strict in tracking the IP addresses of the exam takers.

  • Hire an essay writer

Since there is no direct supervision, you can hire an essay writing expert, such as an essay writer, to undertake the examination for you.

Such an expert is usually well familiarized with the examination and would therefore score you high grades. It is a safe method to cheat McGraw Hill when verification of IDs is not done.

  • Hack into Your Teacher’s Account/Computer

If you have a proficient apprehension of computer systems, you could hack into your professor’s McGraw Hill account. You must be able to do this remotely.

Professors have access to answers in their McGraw Hill accounts, and if you can hack into them, you get hold of the correct answers and apply them in your test.

  • Mirror Your Computer Screen

Using an HDMI cable, you can mirror your screen by connecting the cable to an external screen, possibly outside your room.

By doing so, your friends can access your test through the connected screen. They can then sneak the answers to you in a concealing way.

  • Stick Notes on wall

You can still cheat on McGraw Hill using an old-fashioned technique. You could print out your notes with a big font and stick them on the wall away from your webcam.

You can then wear glasses during the test to conceal your eye movements. This technique is a big risk and yet effective.

Can You Cheat on McGraw Hill Quizzes

You can cheat on McGraw Hill quizzes. Even though McGraw Hill employs competent and strict systems to ensure academic integrity, chances of students cheating on quizzes are still possible.

You can mirror your screen through technology and secretly engage your friends to get correct answers for you during the quiz. For example, by using two parallel operating systems, you can easily cheat a McGraw Hill quiz.

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Additionally, you can hire an expert to do the quiz for you without the McGraw Hill Tegrity Remote Proctoring service detecting.

You could also hack into your professor’s McGraw Hill account and get the correct answers to write in your quiz.

You can employ all the above methods to cheat on a McGraw Hill quiz, but they are risky to improvise. If you are to take the risk, choose your poison and stick to it.

Can McGraw Hill Record Your Screen?

McGraw Hill can record your screen. Along with recording you doing the test, the McGraw Hill Tegrity Remote Proctoring service also records the activities on your screen.

For you to start a Tegrity proctored recording, you must have a microphone and a webcam. Once you select the part where you start recording your desktop activities, your microphone and webcam will start recording until the end of the session.

Note that you cannot stop both the screen recording and webcam recording until you have completed the test.

When you complete the test, press the black tab, and both your recordings will be uploaded automatically.

Can McGraw Hill Tell if You switch Tabs?

McGraw Hill will tell if you switch tabs. Through Respondus Lockdown Browser, McGraw Hill will see if you switch tabs and notify your professor.

The invigilating software found within the Respondus lockdown browser gives your browser the ability to override other computer tabs.

In the process, your browser is granted the ability to govern the majority of background and foreground operations in your computer, operations such as switching tabs or opening new tabs.

When you assess McGraw Hill, the special browser you are using notes the tab you are using to access the test.

If you try to switch tabs or try to open a new tab, this browser will flag you. This is because it comprehends your attempts as cheating.

McGraw Hill will detect the attempt and notify your professor, who may penalize you for trying to switch tabs.

Can You Cheat on McGraw Hill Connect?

You can cheat on McGraw Hill Connect. However, unlike the pen and paper examinations, cheating on McGraw Hill Connect requires calls for more advanced levels of creativity.

Cheating on McGraw Hill Connect is not a walk in the park.

This is due to the integration of microphone and webcam recording and the lockdown browser due to the partnership between McGraw Hill and Proctorio.

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However, with the right techniques, cheating on McGraw Hill is still very likely.

Some of the tricks students use to cheat this software include hacking into their professor’s McGraw Hill accounts, hiring experts to take the tests for them, and creating false profiles.

Can McGraw Hill Tell if You Are Cheating?

McGraw Hill will certainly tell if you are cheating. In addition, McGraw Hill will flag you for cheating by applying the competent McGraw Hill Tegrity Remote Proctoring service.

Any deviation from the normal procedures and activities will certainly be noticed.

For example, your microphone will detect voices and sounds in the test environment. Additionally, your webcam will record abrupt movements and tell if that is a form of cheating.

With the help of a lockdown browser, McGraw Hill can detect if you open new tabs or switch tabs during the examination session.

In addition, if you try cheating by accessing other websites or applications, McGraw Hill will flag you off and notify your teacher for further investigations.

Can McGraw Hill Connect Detect Copy and Paste?

McGraw Hill Connect can detect if you copy and paste in an online test. The Proctorio service is meant to hinder the right-click aspect of your computer’s mouse from deterring you from copying and pasting.

However, if you still did so, then McGraw Hill Connect will still detect the act.


So, can McGraw Hill Detect cheating? From carefully and thoroughly reading this article, you will agree that the answer to this question is a yes.

You would also agree that any student who tries to cheat on a McGraw Hill test or examination is greatly risking.

However, whenever there is a will there is a way

Can McGraw Hill Detect Cheating? How To Cheat On McGraw Hill And Get Away With It - GradesHQ (2024)
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