Card Apprentice Daily Log - Chapter 2100 Not Afraid To Show Weakness Free Read Online (2024)

Chapter 2100 Not Afraid To Show Weakness

Date- 18 April 2321

Time- 20:23

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, Orphanage

Listening to the Field Marshal's words, it donned on Henricks that he had fallen prey to the Southern Princess's trap. The funny thing about this was that this trap wasn't even meant for him yet he had fallen prey to it because of his impulsive decision. Realizing this Henricks felt like an impulsive idiot. What bothered Henricks even more was the fact that he could have avoided this if only he had stopped to inform his decision to the other captains of Freedom Fighters. He was sure Luna would have seen through the Southern Princess's trap and stopped him from foolishly walking right into another trap.

"I am impressed. She is already getting ahead of the news of you leaving her side. She is really not afraid of appearing weak and a stereotype. The Southern Capital is not going to be peaceful for the next few weeks," Wyatt remarked listening to the Field Marshal say that Henricks should not have thought of the Southern Princes as just another disgruntled divorcee and ended up underestimating her. The Southern Princess knew that the news about her losing her aunt's support would spread like wildfire across the five regions. So she decided to get ahead of it and control it. She understood there was no way for her to stop this wildfire after her precautionary measures against Field Marshal Heatsend failed, therefore she decided to do some damage control by showing weakness. With the Royal Instructor not using Ransom Lorn to subdue Field Marshal Heatsend she was left with no choice but to showcase her authority once again, and remind everyone that she was not in charge because of her Aunt's support but because of her strength. What was important to note here was that she was not afraid to appear weak, in front of the Five Regions no less, just to lure out the hyenas. With time no matter how strong an organization was, some hyenas would have infiltrated it. Waiting for the organization to show weakness so they can land the finishing blow and feed on its carcass. The Southern Princess was aware her administration over the Southern Region was the same. Especially, with minions of the Circle, the Paw clan, and the Gideon Grim hiding in the southern capital, holding important positions in the Southern Region's administration. They would not miss this chance to rally the masses to weaken the Southern Region.

With her plan to subdue Field Marshal Heatsend and renew her authority over the Southern region failed, now she resorted to one of the oldest tricks in the books, playing possum to attract the vultures, then grabbing and twisting their necks when they were least expecting. This was why Wyatt expected the Southern Captial to be noisy the next few weeks. However, he found it funny that Henricks who had nothing to do with Anna's mother's trap actually fell prey to it leading him to fall prey to his trap. Wyatt thought Anna's mother's acting must be really good for someone of Henricks caliber to fall prey to it. This caused him to look forward to the upheaval in the Southern Captial. However, this would act like a double-edged sword for his plan to use the kids of the elite families of the Southern Captial to get them on his side. Those who fear the Southern Princess might just cut ties with their kids to show their loyalty to her. But those who would be dissatisfied with her would be more enthused about joining his side. However, they would not dare to openly join him but join hands with him under the table as they would fear that if they were too brazen about their stance the Southern Princess might use them as an example to warn other elite families from joining Wyatt's side. Wyatt believed all of this should be within the Southern Princess's calculations when she did not hesitate to have an episode of anger in the central capital. The only variable in her plans was Henricks, Wyatt guessed even Southern Princess would not have thought that Henricks would be stupid and impulsive enough to fall prey to two traps back to back, that too in a single day. Henricks thought process was simple here. He wanted to take advantage of the nasty fight between the Field Marshal and Southern Princess to come out on top by kidnapping Clown Mask which was why he was so impulsive. He believed that with the Field Marshal fighting the Southern Princess, she might be too busy to spare enough attention to the Clown Mask. Henricks was right, the Field Marshal was indeed occupied with many other things to spare enough attention to the Clown Mask. However, Henricks had not accounted for one variable in his plan, it was none other than Wyatt. Like Wyatt said, Henricks had indeed underestimated him because of his age. How would Henricks know that with everything going on in Wyatt's life he would make time to lay a trap for him?

If Henricks had learned anything from this incident then it was that never to cross Wyatt, this kid knew how to hold grudges. It did not take a genius to figure out why Wyatt had trapped Henricks. Though Henricks was no genius he was wise enough to know that Wyatt had trapped him for stealing the D-rank Silver Beach dungeon, trying to force him into giving them the VR universe when he visited their headquarters, and then cutting a deal with the Southern Princess behind his back. Well, Henricks did try to reach Wyatt before deciding to sell the dungeon to the Southern Princess. However, Henricks knew that Wyatt should have seen that he only contacted Wyatt because he wanted Wyatt and the Southern Princess to compete for the dungeon and gain maximum profit. Having understood how he got himself into this mess, Henricks regretted it all. He was starting to think he must be the dumbest idiot of all time to fall prey to a trap that wasn't even meant for him in the first place.

Card Apprentice Daily Log - Chapter 2100 Not Afraid To Show Weakness Free Read Online (2024)
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