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BobbieRio Grande, NJ

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaffLoan Process

Reviewed Jan. 13, 2024

I called 21st and the process was real fast. They were very pleasant, every part of it. The rep who helped me, Grant, called me once a week to let me know what was going on and he gave me all the information I needed. It was the first time I ever bought a home so it was all new to me. He didn't get tired of me calling them.

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TylerHalf Moon Bay, CA

Review featured by 21st Mortgage Corporation

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaffLoan Process

Reviewed Jan. 8, 2024

21st provided me with my first mortgage ever, when others wouldn’t bother. Their capacity to handle highly unique situations; like both my mother and I having VA loan benefits; yet no way to use either of them on a manufactured home. Two people of moral value, but without a shot at a dozen banks. All out of luck we figured it wasn’t meant to be, but 21st (Tyler certainly comes to mind), made it happen anyway. Even now, 2 years later, they treat me so well; even when I’m late and they have to reach out, it’s just to check in, let me know it’s not a biggie; what can we do to make the month easier and catch back up?

As a fellow business owner, it’s almost emotional to realize how rarely I get asked that. It can be enough to renew the very drive that accomplishes the reason for the call. Now I’ve more than caught up, and seasonally it ebbs and flows; yet they still act just like they always have: like a real provider of services, honest about the limits, and never as an adversary. Thanks Tyler, and not just cause we share a name. :} Thanks 21st.

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KoryOlympia, WA

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Jan. 26, 2024

21st Mortgage put me in their system. I had to upload documents and since I'm older, I'm not 100% savvy with the computer. So, I had a little bit of a hiccup when I first was uploading, reading, and getting to the documents that were already uploaded. The application was given to me through the email and I had to fill it out then send it back to them. The representative always called me either the same day or the next day. She also gave me her name and extension. She almost always answered her phone, so I had a very good experience with that.

I also had a very good realtor that helped me with everything. She was amazing and she knew her way around everything. She helped me with the application and the website. She was available to me and she was friendly. She answered all my questions and if she didn't know the answer, she found it. She recommended that I get insurance for the appliances, which helped me a lot because when I moved in, the dishwasher was broken and the clothes washer was leaking. So, this insurance will replace both items for free and I only pay 200 a year for it.

21st Mortgage helped me get a house, which is a huge impact, and now, I'm much more comfortable than living in apartments. There's much more space in the house. And if I have a problem, I can contact them. I would tell my friends that 21st Mortgage is fast to get back to you, but they should have the realtor help them because applications for homes are very complicated. So, if they have a good realtor like I had, they will be able to get through the process, especially someone who's never had a house before.

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RachelHuntsville, AL

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Customer ServiceOnline & AppStaffLoan Process

Reviewed Jan. 12, 2024

I was purchasing a home. I didn't have much option and I did need something for a manufactured home, which, in turn, not all lenders offer. I did need something that would follow those guidelines, and 21st Mortgage was one of the first people that came up. I did a conventional loan, and the process wasn't bad. Majority of it was through email. Some phone calls were involved between me and my loan officer. I would hope for it to be more personalized or if there was a local office I could go to sometimes. I don't require meeting people all the time, but that would help the experience for me personally, too.

My loan officer handled everything really well. It was Jonathan. He was never bothered by any of my questions. He is really good. Even his assistant, Tyler, did really well with responding to me when Jonathan was out of office. I'm sure they're busy. It can take maybe a day or two to get a response from somebody, which I completely understand. They were still really attentive and helped me with what I needed. The only thing that was a little bit negative about it was it was like four months worth of stuff, but everything was smooth and got taken care of.

21st Mortgage did really well. You should try to get your paperwork in as soon as you can to speed up the process because that can hinder a little thing. The APR is not great, but that's not something I can really give judgment for considering the market that we're in. It is what it is right now. So, I'm thinking to refinance later on. As far as using their website, it was really easy and the uploading of documents was simplistic. When I would upload, and maybe something was a little off or wrong, I don't think it was in-depth as it could have been.

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AnthonyTucson, AZ

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Customer ServiceStaffLoan ProcessTransparency

Reviewed Sept. 29, 2023

I would recommend 21st Mortgage Corporation to a friend. The process was a headache because my wife and I worked full-time. I live in Arizona, them in Tennessee. As soon as I got out of work, if I had any questions, they were already closed. So, a lot of things I had to do during work. Some of the setbacks that we had were because of miscommunication. And most likely on our part because it was our first time buying a home.

There were a few things where I would send paperwork in that they were looking for, but it wasn't what they were looking for. They could have been more patient with us. And knowing that we lived in Arizona, reached out more to us. Because when I would send paperwork in, I would look on our website to see if it was looked at or accepted. I would have to call days later and be, "Did you guys get this paperwork?" And they'd be, "Oh, yeah, we got it. We're just going ahead and looking over it." "Okay. I wish you guys would call us." Because we would sit here looking at our website and it would not go through.

Sometimes, I wouldn't get ahold of anybody. Most of the time, just our guy who we dealt with would be out of the office. And he dealt with first time home buyers, so he should have taken his time a bit more to explain a few things to us. It would have been a lot easier for us to get the things that he wanted done quicker. But I get it. We were first time home buyers and just trying to get the first home done. But once we got the paperwork in, and everything was good to go, we hit the ground running. It was easy.

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AndiWinchester, OR

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedOnline & AppStaffEase of UseLoan ProcessTransparency

Reviewed Sept. 12, 2023

Drew was third that I called and said, "I can help you. Let's look at your credit," and came back with, "Yes. I can help you with the type of home you wanna buy." It was like having a baby. It was very nerve-wracking. It was step by step. It was “Hurry up and wait”. That is not Drew's and 21st Mortgage's fault. That's just how the process is. "Give me this. Wait for that. We've got to review this. We need that information. Go back and find it. I need the information updated to right now. Okay. I have to wait for you. Thank you very much.” A week later, “Thanks for the paperwork. We're gonna review it and get back to you." It was measuring the ocean with a spoon.

I did a lot of phone calls and a lot of emails with Drew and with his team, and emailed or logged into their website to upload the information. There were some things that I could not upload to the website, so I sent them to Drew at what I thought was his work email. And he said, "Don't send it to this email. It's not secure. Send it to the other email." And I kept losing the other email. He would put what I sent him on the website for me. Although there were things they asked for that I could not upload directly to the website, the website helped me keep track of what they needed and when it had been submitted, and was I sure I submitted the right one, "Wait a minute. Was that the right paper?" Go back and look at what I submitted, go, "Yeah, that's the right one” or “no, that's the old one. Let me give you the new one." So, the website was easy to use. It was very helpful.

When I had questions, Drew was marvelous and he'd say, "Let's get on the website. The website says it's here. I'm not seeing it. Let me go back and look. There it is. Wait a minute. We're missing this." Everything that I could touch in this process was back to him immediately. Because if I don't get it done right this minute, I forget because I've got so many things to do. And so everything that I could touch was there the minute I could get my hands on it and get it into him.

There were delays on the other side of the equation that were out of my hands but in all of that, he and the website kept me up to date. It was a lot to do. But every question I had, they had an answer. They had an arm around my shoulder, pat on the back, "You know what? You've got this. We've got this. Don't worry about it. It's all being handled. All we need from you is that particular paper." "What is that?" And they taught me the language.

As a first-time home buyer, I knew nothing when this started other than the finances. How does that work with mortgage companies and credit reports and credit cards and everything else? The only wrinkle is they said that they have the ability to make payments online. They said, it's not available. That's the 0.25. I wanna be able to make my payments online to them because they're in Florida, I'm in Oregon. I do not trust mail. And wire transfers cost a big amount. And they get lost, too.

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MatthewShelby Township, MI

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Customer ServiceOnline & AppStaffRates

Reviewed April 22, 2023

I needed some extra money and I was turned down by Chase. I did a little bit of research and 21st Mortgage popped up along with a couple of other people. I tried one place but it didn't work out. And then 21st contacted me back and I just went with them. I wasn't even going to do another mortgage company because we were in a rental place and I got two kids and my son is getting really big. I had to find something really quick because I only had a month left until my lease was up and I wasn't gonna pay month by month. I just wanted to hurry up and move to a bigger place.

The application was extensive but necessary. It was pretty easy to upload everything. Kayla was my rep and she was good. This was our first time going through a mortgage company and Kayla she helped us. There was a little bit of miscommunication in the beginning because I wasn't sure that I was going to be approved by myself. My mother-in-law was gonna co-sign. But 21st said that if she co-signs, she has to live at the house. She wasn't gonna live at the house. I just had to file the application by myself. I filed it with just me and my wife. That got passed hand to hand and then there was a little confusion for a second but then we fixed it.

In terms of the rates, I would like lower rates. All in all, I would definitely recommend 21st Mortage. I would've liked to know earlier about the charge for the investigator person to come out and investigate the house. I was saving up money nonstop trying to be able to afford it and trying to get a decent downpayment. I wasn't expecting that bill. If that was told to me before, I would have waited on buying paint because my idea was I was going to move in then paint the place before my wife and my babies moved in because I don't want them to smell the fumes. The only other thing is maybe the phone tag was a little excessive. I would call and then she would call. But because 21st is located in Arizona, there was the timezone thing.

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COrange, TX

Verified purchase

Customer ServiceLoan Process

Reviewed Jan. 18, 2024

The application and underwriting process at 21st Mortgage took about four months. It could've been a little bit faster and they could've been more communicative. They could've paid attention and not told me the same thing over and over again and me having a call to find out to get told the same thing. I sent documents in and they said that they needed the documents but they didn't look at them and I told them I'd already sent them. They were having to reprocess that. It was just things that kept taking longer on their end. They got frustrated because I called all the time just checking to see how the process went.

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AlyssaLake Worth, FL

Verified purchase

Customer ServiceOnline & AppStaffLoan ProcessTransparency

Reviewed Jan. 15, 2024

I chose 21st because they became highly recommended by everybody and my experience was as wonderful as everybody else's. They made the process so easy. I am a first-time home buyer and I was so scared that I won't qualify. The first thing they did was qualify me and they said what I qualify for. It was way more than I expected. Then, they said for us to talk about financial counseling if I need it so that I don't spend more than I should. I thought it was wonderful. They really took care of me every step of the way and they explained everything like a non-financial person can understand it. They didn't make me feel stupid about it.

Their website is automated and the statuses are updated constantly so if I felt any anxiety that I didn't do something right, I could check. There didn't have to be somebody 8:00 to 5:00. You can check any time and see all your documents. But if I called and the lady that I needed to talk to was busy, they would have somebody else help me or explain that the first lady would be calling me back and she always did. It's not like I have to go on hold for three hours and wait. I felt like I had a great company backing me and I'm looking forward to working with them for the next 300 payments.

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JesseWarrior, AL

Verified purchase

Reviewed Jan. 15, 2024

21st Mortgage has a flexible down payment. However, this is my fifth property mortgage and it took way longer than other times. During a typical mortgage they send out a list of demands. Everybody works together to complete those demands. Instead of that, 21st Mortgage is more like a checklist. At the same time that we could obtain what they need, we could obtain the next thing on the checklist and get two things knocked out at once. Instead, it was getting one thing and moving on to the next thing. It took forever. I applied in September and I was able to move in the last week of November. Beyond the length of the process, I was completely satisfied with everything else. They answered every question I had. Jonathan, our rep, was great. He did everything he could to help me.

My first house payment was due on the 1st January. I had gotten a letter in the mail with my loan number to be able to pay it online the week of Christmas. I assumed that they were off that Friday and Monday for Christmas. I was gonna wait until that following Friday to pay it online. But on the 2nd, they called me and asked me why I was late. I said, "I don't even consider a day late being late in my mind. I apologize if you did." They got an attitude and I was taken back about it so much that I ended up having to hang up on them. They kept asking the same question over and over again and we weren't getting anywhere.

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CalissaClarkston, MI

Verified purchase

Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedOnline & AppStaffLoan ProcessRates

Reviewed Jan. 15, 2024

Obtaining the mortgage with 21st Mortgage was simple. A lot of things were digital and electronic, which was nice. Uploading the documents was a little glitchy though. Sometimes, it wouldn’t upload so I’d have to email them. Otherwise, it was not terrible. The application and underwriting process was relatively quick. The experience is what it is but I'm not too happy with the laws and regulations or the way that 21st Mortgage runs credit reports and calculates the credit. They take advantage of people. I have almost an 800-credit score and yet they said my credit wasn't good enough and that I had to have a 12% rate. I couldn't get real clarification. While the process and the communication were fine, I was very disappointed in their calculations and the way that they considered credit scores and income-to-debt ratio. Thankfully, this is only temporary for me. I'll be paying off the loan here very soon so I don't have to worry about it.

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PriscillaGarden City, UT

Verified purchase

Customer ServiceStaffTransparency

Reviewed Jan. 15, 2024

I had never bought a home of my own so I was new to all of it, but my husband had. There was a lot to fill out more than I thought we'd ever have to, but 21st Mortgage walked us through it really nicely and everything worked out fine. The rep who works there, Ryan, was always polite and nice to work with. I had his number and he told me I could call any time if I had questions or concerns. I called him quite often with things.

We were really satisfied with 21st Mortgage, but there was one thing that could be improved, and it wasn't with Ryan. It was another guy. Our title company had a girl that worked there at one point and she had an email address, but she moved away and hadn't worked for our title company for three months. The title company didn't use her email anymore, but this guy, through some of the process, was sending an email to that girl. Even till the end, this one guy was still sending emails to this girl. It was a process to try to get that cleared up, but after we got everything squared away, it was fine. If someone's buying a trailer, 21st Mortgage is definitely the people to go with.

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As an expert in the field of mortgage financing and home purchasing, I've thoroughly analyzed the provided reviews related to the 21st Mortgage Corporation. Each review offers insights into different aspects of the mortgage process, customer service, and overall satisfaction. Let's break down the concepts mentioned in the reviews:

  1. Customer Service:

    • The reviews consistently highlight the importance of effective and responsive customer service. Representatives such as Grant, Tyler, Jonathan, and Drew are specifically mentioned for their positive interactions.
    • Regular communication and updates from the representatives are appreciated, demonstrating a commitment to keeping customers informed throughout the mortgage process.
  2. Loan Process:

    • The loan application and underwriting process is a common theme across the reviews. While some customers express satisfaction with the speed and efficiency, others mention a more extended timeline, such as the four-month period mentioned by one customer.
    • Several reviewers emphasize the complexity of the application process, with specific challenges mentioned, such as document uploads and navigating the online platform.
  3. Online & App Experience:

    • The convenience and user-friendliness of online platforms and applications are discussed. Some customers appreciate the automated features and constant status updates, while others mention minor glitches in document uploads.
  4. Transparency:

    • Transparency in communication and the mortgage process is crucial. Some reviews highlight positive experiences, where representatives explain the process step by step, ensuring that customers understand each stage. However, there are mentions of miscommunication issues and the need for clearer explanations.
  5. Rates:

    • The reviews touch on the aspect of interest rates. Some customers express satisfaction, while others mention a desire for lower rates. The discussion around the APR and considerations for refinancing suggests a sensitivity to market conditions.
  6. Punctuality & Speed:

    • The speed of the loan process, punctuality in communication, and responsiveness of the representatives are recurring themes. Customers appreciate quick responses and effective handling of their queries.
  7. Staff Interaction:

    • Positive interactions with specific staff members, such as loan officers and representatives, contribute to overall customer satisfaction. Personalized attention and assistance are highlighted as essential elements of a positive experience.
  8. Unique Situations:

    • Some customers mention unique situations, such as dealing with VA loan benefits or purchasing a manufactured home, and express gratitude for 21st Mortgage's ability to navigate these circumstances.

In summary, the reviews provide a comprehensive overview of the customer experience with 21st Mortgage Corporation, covering aspects like customer service, loan process, online experience, transparency, interest rates, and staff interactions. While there are positive testimonials, there are also areas for improvement, emphasizing the importance of clear communication and a streamlined application process.

Compare 2,956 21st Mortgage Corporation Reviews (2024) (2024)
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