Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (2024)

Not only are these outdoor activities tons of fun for the kids, but they're educational and good for their physical and mental health. You can do these activities in your own backyard or during a walk around the neighbourhood or on a nature trail—it's up to you. But even if you only have a tiny outdoor space, you'll find so many ways to enjoy your time out in the fresh air with the kids.

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What are you waiting for? Head outside with the kids now for some quality time playing and exploring all that nature has to offer.

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Outdoor Activities from Messy Little Monster

We are big fans of getting outdoors to enjoy nature with the kids, so here are some favourite outdoor activities from yours truly.

Squirt Gun Painting

This Squirt Gun Painting activity is a fun activity that kids will love. Every painting will be totally unique, and who doesn't love the opportunity to use a squirt gun?

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Colors of Nature Scavenger Hunt

Go for a walk (or into your yard or garden) and encourage kids to find and match colors with this Colors of Nature Scavenger Hunt. It's a wonderful way to practice color recognition while enjoying some fresh air.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (5)

Mud Kitchen

Making mud pies is a classic kid activity that's been enjoyed for generations. You should try it with your kids, too! Take some old pots, pans, and dishes outside to set up a DIY Mud Kitchen activity for your kids. They can make mud pies, stir flowers and leaves in water, and more. You might also like to get a set of our mud kitchen recipes to add to your mud play.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (6)

Nature Paintbrushes

Create some art with Nature Paintbrushes made out of flowers, leaves, grass, and other items you can find. It'll be interesting to see all the textures and patterns you can create.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (7)

Bubble Snake Blowers

How much fun are these Bubble Snake Blowers? This low prep activity will provide hours of fun for your little ones. Blowing bubbles is fun for kids and adults alike—I enjoy it myself!

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (8)

Sponge Water Bombs

On hot summer days, these Sponge Water Bombs are an easy and fun way to cool off. It just takes a couple of minutes to make them, and then you can have a family water fight.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (9)

Bug Scavenger Hunt

Kids who love all things creepy and crawly will have so much fun with this Bug Scavenger Hunt. See how many you can scratch off the list! This is a wonderful activity for spring.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (10)

Painting with Water

Do you have one of those easels with a chalkboard on one side? Take it outside, cover it with chalk, and then let the little ones try Painting with Water. If you don't have a chalkboard, you could also let kids paint the fence, sidewalk, driveway, or porch with a bit of water. It's a no-mess activity that allows them to get lots of fine motor practice.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (11)

Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Paint the sidewalk or driveway in whimsical designs by your kids! ThisSidewalk Chalk Paintnot only look stunning outdoors, if you add vinegaryou can make your chalk paintings fiz!

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (12)

Painting Kindness Rocks

Have fun collecting and painting kindness rocks. Kids will love heading outdoors to hunt for rocks and then using paint pens to create their own individual kindness rocks. Once their rocks are complete kids can hide their rocks in the local area for people to find.

More Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Let's not stop there! We've found a bunch more outdoor activities for kids that your little ones are going to love. They'll never get bored with this list of possibilities!

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (13)

Wacky Walk

Make a walk around the neighbourhood a lot more fun with this Wacky Walk printable from Play Party Plan that offers lots of silly ways to mix up your walk. You'll also need a deck of cards, or you can just pick an option at random if you don't want to take cards on your walk.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (14)

Finding North

If you have a compass, head out on a hike with the family and try this Finding North Hiking Activity by Go Science Kids. It's more fun if you can find a trail with lots of twists and turns.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (15)

Climb a Tree

It sounds simple, but although we so often want to protect our kids, there are benefits to letting them engage in risky play. This post on 15 Reasons to Climb a Tree from Rhythms of Play explains the benefits, such as building physical strength, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor abilities.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (16)

Backyard Chalk Twister

If you have pavers in your yard or a cement or asphalt driveway, you should try this fun Backyard Chalk Twister game from Danya Banya with the kids. It's a great way to encourage movement and silliness!

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (17)

Rock Maze

Make playing with toy cars a lot more fun by creating a Rock Maze. This activity from Pink Stripey Socks is easy to set up and can keep your boys or girls entertained for hours outside.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (18)

Printable Nature Journal

A Printable Nature Journal encourages kids to go outdoors to explore their surroundings scientifically and record their observations. The printable by Adventure in a Box offers 10 creative prompts for kids.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (19)

Backyard Dinosaur World

Gather rocks, sticks, branches, and dirt along with some toy dinos for this Backyard Dinosaur World from Glitter on a Dime. Kids can use the materials to build their own version of Jurassic Park.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (20)

Sidewalk Chalk Outdoor Math Game

Combine arithmetic and movement with a rousing Sidewalk Chalk Math Game from Look We're Learning. Work on addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division—whatever your kids need some extra help with.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (21)

What Lives in Dirt?

What lives in the dirt in your yard? Dig some up, grab a magnifying glass, and observe by doing this What Lives in Dirt activity from Go Science Kids! You'll be surprised to see all the tiny crawly things that never usually catch your eye.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (22)

Shadow Art

This Shadow Art activity from Rhythms of Play helps children learn how shadows form. Kids trace their shadows and paint them for a fun and artistic STEAM activity.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (23)

Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course

A Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course is a low-prep gross motor activity by Toot's Mom is Tired that kids will have a blast with. Toddlers and preschoolers will ask to do it again and again. Older kids can play, too, or they can help set it up for their younger siblings!

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (24)

Rock Balancing Stone Stacking Art

Try this Rock Balancing Activity from Rhythms of Play. It's a meditative art form that doubles as a STEAM activity. It's a wonderful, calming activity to do with the kids outdoors.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (25)

Puffy Sidewalk Paint

You've probably made puffy paint before, but have you tried Puffy Sidewalk Paint? You only need a few ingredients to make this fun twist on a classic by The Best Ideas for Kids.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (26)

Telling Time Outdoor Clock

Make your own Outdoor Clock with natural materials. Using just rocks, sticks, and a Sharpie to write the hours, your kid can set up an outdoor clock like this one from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots in no time flat.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (27)

Outdoor Number Hunt

Hide numbers around the yard, and let your toddler and preschooler find them. This Outdoor Number Hunt from The Ladybirds' Adventures is a fantastic way to reinforce number recognition.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (28)

Frozen Ocean Sensory Bin

Do you have ocean animal toys? If so, make a Frozen Ocean Sensory Bin like this one from Natural Beach Living for the little ones to play with. They'll spend hours trying to figure out ways to melt the ice quickly to retrieve the animals.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (29)

Journey Stick Craft

Your children probably collect lots of souvenirs when you go on nature walks, but have you ever thought of collecting them all together in one spot? That's what a Journey Stick is! Kids can collect things like feathers, flowers, leaves, twigs, or pinecones during the walk, and glue or tape them to their journey sticks along the way. Isn't this idea by Growing Family just brilliant?

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (30)

Cloud Viewer

Make your own Cloud Viewer to study the different types of clouds during a weather unit or just for fun. This view by Little Bins for Little Hands makes cloud identification so much easier. You may want to write the names of each different type on the back of the viewer to help you match the name to the picture until you have them memorised.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (31)

Scooter Maze

Here's a fun way to get the kids excited about playing with their scooters again: a Scooter Maze by School Time Snippets! Not only is it fun, but it encourages gross motor movement and coordination.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (32)

Fairy Houses

Building Fairy Houses is a magical, fantastic way to spend a few hours outdoors with the kids. This activity by Red Ted Art shows several different ways to make fairy houses out of natural materials.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (33)

Nature Wands

Speaking of magic, these Nature Wands by Laughing Kids Learn certainly look magical! Make them with sticks, leaves, flowers, and other beautiful materials found outdoors.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (34)

As well as this collection of fun and easy outdoor activities for kids we have also written a fun tick list of 60 outdoor activities for kids that you can print out. There is also a blank version for you to add your own ideas.


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List of outdoor activities for kids

(where possible we have added links for you to click on for more details)

  1. Draw with chalk
  2. Make a fairy garden
  3. Paint with water
  4. Go on a scavenger hunt
  5. Play hopscotch
  6. Hunt for bugs
  7. Make mud pies
  8. Have a water fight
  9. Make art from nature
  10. Have a teddy bears picnic
  11. Plant seeds
  12. Make an obstacle course
  13. Dance in the rain
  14. Eat ice cream
  15. Make perfume from petals
  16. Run as fast as you can
  17. Kick a ball
  18. Blow bubbles
  19. Start a nature diary
  20. Make a rock collection
  21. Play tag
  22. Make a bug hotel
  23. Paint BIG
  24. Do a leaf rubbing
  25. Make a suncatcher
  26. Plant flowers
  27. Make & fly a kite
  28. Splash in puddles
  29. Measure a tree
  30. Make daisy chains
  31. Run through a sprinkler
  32. Wash the car
  33. Look for images in clouds
  34. Make a camp
  35. Make shapes from sticks
  36. Paint rocks
  37. Grow vegetables
  38. Make a bird feeder
  39. Squirt water guns
  40. Try a new sport
  41. Make a rock pet
  42. Sand play
  43. Make a scarecrow
  44. Dig a hole
  45. Identify trees & flowers
  46. Paint with ice
  47. Squirt gun painting
  48. Climb a tree
  49. Paint with mud
  50. Build a bridge
  51. Do some gardening
  52. Take photos of nature
  53. Toast marshmallows
  54. Draw & label a flower
  55. Make a nature wand
  56. Draw around your shadow
  57. Have a race
  58. Listen to the birds
  59. Sit & relax


To download these printable list for free click on the link below and use the discount code- outdoor. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (36)

Now the big question is, which of these fun outdoor activities for kids will you be trying first!

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (37)

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Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (38)

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (2024)
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