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This online membershipprovides electronic access for one year to the answer key to each of the lessons and homework sets contained in this course including access to unit reviews and answers. Teacher Plus memberships* also offer access to monthly Add-Ons which include unit assessments, extra lessons and activities as well as editable MS Word files of all materials. See “Membership Types” below to learn more. *Note that ONLY verified teachers will gain access to assessments.

Also see our printedN-Gen Math™ 7 Workbookwith lessons and homework sets.

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N-Gen Math™ 7 by Kirk Weiler is a full course curriculum aligned to the Next Generation standards as adopted by New York State. This curriculum is carefully written for the 7th grade student. Topics are introduced in a thoughtful sequence and are designed to develop skills that build upon each other for complete understanding of mathematical concepts. The workbook for this course is a printed collection of the lessons and homework sets that can be previewed on the N-Gen Math™ 7 course page. The answer key is sold separately as a yearly membership.

Table of Contents
Unit 1 – Essential Review
Unit 2 – Operations with Signed Numbers
Unit 3 – Proportional Relationships
Unit 4 – Percent
Unit 5 – Linear Expressions
Unit 6 – Linear Equations and Inequalities
Unit 7 – Statistics
Unit 8 – Probability
Unit 9 – The Geometry of Angles and Triangles
Unit 10 – Geometric Measurement

Additional information

Membership Type

Teacher Plus, Tutor

Membership Types

Tutor Membership / (1 user)

  • Access to pdf files of the answer key to all lessons and homework sets for the course
  • Access to pdf files of unit reviews and their answers

Teacher Plus Membership / (1 user)

  • Access to pdf files of the answer key to all lessons and homework sets for the course
  • Access to unit reviews including answer keys
  • Access to monthly add-ons which include extra lessons, practice, activities and assessments
  • Access to editable files of all lessons, homework sets, unit reviews and assessments
  • Access to assessments for all units (Note: access to assessment items is automatic when ordering with a school issued Purchase Order. For those purchasing with a credit card, access to assessments requires verification of employment as a math or special education teachers at a private or public school.)

4 reviews for N-Gen Math™ 7 Membership

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  1. N-Gen Math™ 7 Membership - eMATHinstruction (2)

    Rated 5 out of 5

    jryan1 (verified owner)

    Your program has been a life saver during these Covid times. The videos are so helpful for students that are forced to be out while they quarantine. We also have 3 students in class that transferred in mid-year from Spanish speaking countries. They are able to keep up with the lessons due to the Spanish versions that you provide.

  2. N-Gen Math™ 7 Membership - eMATHinstruction (3)

    Rated 4 out of 5


    Some students don’t have protractors for Unit 9 due to COVID-19. This is a reliable website but I recommend adding a method for students to help them understand Unit 9.

  3. N-Gen Math™ 7 Membership - eMATHinstruction (4)

    Rated 5 out of 5


    Beginning this year I was super worried how I was going to keep up with teaching students in person and students who were remote. Having two preps (one of them bran new to me) there was no way I was going to be able to record for both of them in advance and I was worried about recording live and the videos being ridiculously long or the video messing up half way through and then having to rerecord it again later.
    N-Gen Math made my life 10 times easier in this crazy year. I did end up recording for my other class (Alg 1) and using my own materials, but only because I was more familiar with it. If I hadn’t been teaching Algebra for 6 years now, I might have used N-Gen’s Algebra too. The materials are very through, and have many different levels of questions. I really enjoyed how each unit built on the next and would use previous content in questions, and keep referencing back to material from earlier units.
    In a crazy year of teaching like this has been, N-Gen saved my sanity. In a normal year of teaching, I could see how this format would be a great building block and I would use other materials to supplement more practice when needed of the more difficult concepts.

  4. N-Gen Math™ 7 Membership - eMATHinstruction (5)

    Rated 5 out of 5

    hornicekkay (verified owner)

    Being able to send my students to this website to access the videos provided by Kirk was instrumental in helping me manage my work load during this school year. My remote students always referenced the videos on the website and if some of my students were quarantined or absent I directed them to the videos on this website as well. I provided my students with unit packets of notes and HW so if we closed down suddenly everyone had what they needed so we could all zoom in together for class from home. In addition to these notes, hw’s and videos saving me so much time from piecing together my own material and presenting to students in person and online, the quality of the material is also really, really good! The material is presented with the purpose of the students understanding the why and not just the how. It makes connections between topics which is really important to help students remember the material. It provides challenging questions, always including examples with fractions. It provides some review practice on some hw’s which is nice. In the future, when I’m able to provide 5 days a week of full, regular instruction I would supplement with more repetition however this curriculum is a really great base to work off of! Thank you for providing it! It has truly made this school year bearable for me!

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N-Gen Math™ 7 Membership - eMATHinstruction (2024)
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