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Seed tracking

<p>Hi. Just want to know if I’m able to do seed tracker with this u erfest banner? I have 11 tickets to pull.</p>

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Well I am only able to confirm that the second rare can be skipped because thats the one I had used the plat ticket for.

Also yes 'second one' was the rare that shifts Tracks

(In my case)

[24a Swordsman]

[25a Swordsman]--> [26b Welterweight]

^^^replaced with 25a plat


Hi guys, can I please get some help with the seed tracking? I'm still fairly new and it's hard to understand.

It looks like if I were to do another guaranteed 11 pull, I'm going to get another Ganesha or Zeus? My last pull is Stilts Cat into guaranteed Ganesha.

Ideally, I would like to hit Amaterasu or Aphrodite.

Thanks for the help!


@KyoDemonGod Ok so if you roll 3 more times then do the 11 draw you should get Aphrodite.

If the 3 individual cats are




If its In that order, you should be set to do the 11 draw next

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@Mitaman't Hey! thanks for replying!

Do you mind explaining how you got to Aphrodite? I've been trying to learn the chart (the 2 railroads) but I haven't been able to figure it out. Also, do the golden rare tickets count as a roll in the tracks or only 30cf pulls count?

Thank you


@KyoDemonGod - The seed system works as you move down a rectangular square, you get the cat inside of that square. If you do a 100% draw, there will be a part on the left that shows the uber that you will gain if you roll 100%. Therefore, if your first rectangular square has salon cat inside, then after you gain the archer cat, you should be on the 4th rectangle. if the 4th rectangle gives you the cat based on your seed, then you will(if you do a 100% roll) get aphrodite. Both rare ticket draws and 150 catfood draws move you down the chart.


Sorry for the info overload


@KyoDemonGod Its helpful to keep two tabs open with the same starting seed if you are going to mess with 11 draws so that you can freely simulate what draws you will do to prevent mistakes.

Its also super helpful to keep your tracking clean by clicking on the units you rolled [only click the guaranteed unit if you roll an 11 draw not the 10 other units ((because it automatically counts them))] so that you can prevent any mistakes that might come up if you dont count your rolls right.

Im just helping out because Ive personally botched the Evangelion colab so hard that I got the wrong units 3 times


Just remember to click on units that you rolled because 1A will always be your next result and the next guarantee will also be on top



No no, that makes good sense! Thank you for chiming in! Is getting another ganesha a good move or better to save the rare golden tickets for uberfest or epicfest, in your opinion?


@Mitaman't That's a really good way of doing it! Sorry to hear about the Eva Collab... that sucks :(. I'm super thankful for your help so I can avoid mistakes too!

Please let me know if this is correct:

Individual draws (3): I finished at 11A I'm guessing?

12A = Salon Cat

13A = Splendid Ganesha

14A = Archer Cat

11-pull Guaranteed Uber:

15B = Mer-Cat

All the way down to 23B = Hip Hop Cat dupe (switch tracks here?) to become 23A Viking Cat

24A = Bath Cat

25B = Radiant Aphrodite

If I'm understanding this correctly then technically....

I could do:

12A = Salon Cat

11-pull and end up with 23A Shining Amaterasu?

The other path is doing 11-pull from the get-go and end up with a dupe Ganesha, Hades the Punisher, and ending with 22B Wrathful Poseidon?

Which is worth?


@KyoDemonGod - Ganesha's a great pull - in true form. before true form it's not the greatest(B+ on the official tierlists) but after true form and talents he can effectively become a 9k dps cat due to his strengthen buff.

Uberfest and Epicfest pools have a ton of good ubers but also a ton of trash ubers. If you seed track then it's better since you can predict what you possibly get, but only do 1500 and 750 draws in 100% banners.

Seed tracking | Fandom (2024)
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