Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (2024)

A new baby is always cause for celebration and excitement, but you may not want to have a full-blown baby shower. If you don’t like big parties, prefer low-key events – or even if this isn’t your first pregnancy so you want to keep things more low-key, then a baby Sprinkle might be the answer!

Throwing a sprinkle baby shower is the perfect way to host a relaxed event that still allows your guests to enjoy the day with the new parents. Here’s how to create a fun and memorable sprinkle baby shower.

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How Is a Baby Sprinkle Different From a Baby Shower?

So what is a sprinkle baby shower anyway?

Explained very simply, a sprinkle baby shower (sometimes known as simply a ‘sprinkle’ or a ‘baby sprinkle’) is a more relaxed version of a baby shower. Instead of a party that’s hours long with tons of games and food, it’s a shorter event that has fewer guests and presents.

Usually, a baby sprinkle works well for parents having a second or third child because they might not need as many things or they don’t want to make as big of a fuss. But a sprinkle shower for a second baby can be just as fun!

There are some other differences, too, which you can read about here.

How to Throw a Baby Sprinkle

There are three main ways to throw a baby sprinkle, and each has its own unique strengths. The types of baby sprinkles are:

  • In-person
  • Virtual
  • Hybrid

We’ll talk about each type of party and get you some baby boy and baby girl sprinkle shower ideas.

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In-Person Baby Sprinkle

An in-person baby sprinkle will have some of the elements of a baby shower. You can follow the checklist that you would for a regular baby shower to make things easy – the only real difference is that a sprinkle is a more intimate event with a smaller guest list. It’s usually just close family and friends and is very relaxed and ‘low-key’ compared to a shower. There are some things you’ll need for an in-person baby sprinkle.

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Choose the Baby Sprinkle Theme

Since a baby sprinkle should be stress-free, you can go with relaxed choices for the sprinkle baby shower decorations. Choose a few decor items that go with your chosen theme, but there doesn’t need to be a lot of decorations or anything too fancy. Choosing a theme will help you decide how to decorate the space, in any case.

If you want help choosing the perfect theme, WBS has a vast variety of baby shower themes to help you create a beautiful party.

Woodland Creatures Baby Shower Theme

Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (2)

A Woodlands Creature Baby Sprinkle Theme could be the perfect way to welcome the newest addition to your pack. Typically woodlands baby sprinkles include balloons, backdrops, and banners featuring foxes, rabbits, and other adorable woodland creatures.

Mushroom-themed decor is very “in” right now. So, feel free to add some mushroom-shaped cookies or mushroom lanterns to play on this trend. For a whimsical twist, include woodland fairy decors – such as tiny fairy houses, fairy cutouts, and fairy lights in jars.

Bohemian Baby Shower Theme

If your house is already filled with boho decor, this Bohemian Baby Shower Theme is a great way to host a cute baby sprinkle without spending an arm and a leg. You can repurpose all those adorable vases, dried flowers, plants, and other boho items around your house to create a chic (and budget-friendly) baby sprinkle theme.

Buy a balloon arch and a lighted or wooden sign saying “oh baby” or “hello baby” to take this theme to the next level. Afterward, you can use the sign as decor for your little one’s nursery!

Baby is Brewing Baby Shower Theme

Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (4)

If you’re hosting a baby sprinkle for your second child (or third or fourth), you likely aren’t as stressed as the first time around. You’re an experienced parent now, after all. Consider using the Baby is Brewing theme to make your baby sprinkle as “chill” as you are.

All you’ll need for this theme is a sign saying “baby is brewing,” some yummy bar food (like chicken wings and pizza), and beer. Don’t forget to have delicious mocktails or non-alcoholic beers on hand for the mama-to-be. An excellent theme for a summertime cookout or during football season.

Cuddly Teddy Bear Baby Shower Theme

Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (5)

Your firstborn may be a little older and more independent – meaning they may be less cuddly than before. Having another baby means you get more of those sweet baby snuggles.

To celebrate the cuddly new addition to your family, consider throwing a Cuddly Teddy Bear Baby Sprinkle.

To make your theme more specific, pick your favorite cartoon bear – such as Pooh Bear, Paddington Bear, or Little Bear – and base your color scheme and decor on them. Use your favorite quotes from the book or TV show on your invites and backdrop for an “unbearably” cute touch.
Looking for more adorable baby sprinkle theme ideas? At WebBabyShower, we have a wide variety of themes to help you create the perfect party. Many of these themes can also be used for virtual baby sprinkles, so your loved ones can be “sprinkled” with joy!

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Send Invitations

You’ll need to choose between sprinkle baby shower invitations you send in the mail and digital invitations. Digital invitations are easier because you don’t need to physically order them, get stamps, go to the post office or get stamps and addresses for your guests!

Opting for digital invitations also allows you to write exactly what you want to your guests. You can simply email your guest list, and there isn’t any extra cost, either.

There are several ways to send free online baby shower invitations, if you’re wondering. When you choose WebBabyShower and set up your website, you can easily send unlimited invites. Plus, you can make your baby shower sprinkle invitations match your chosen theme.

Baby Sprinkle Games

One difference between a baby shower vs a sprinkle is the games. While you can do a couple of well-chosen activities, you don’t need to worry about planning many things since the event is short and sweet.

Sprinkle baby shower games can add some fun and healthy competition to your baby sprinkle. You can get pretty creative with it, as the gathering is usually just the people closest to you.

I Spy

Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (6)

I Spy with my little eye is the perfect baby sprinkle game. All your guests will need is their iPhone and a list of things to spy – such as the mom-to-be rubbing her belly, the parents-to-be hugging, or one of the guests shedding happy tears. Whoever captures the most items from the list is the winner! The future parents will love that their guests captured so many memorable moments.

Baby Animals

Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (7)

This cute baby sprinkle game is the perfect way to honor the second, third, or fourth cub joining your pack. To play, hand out a free printable to your guests, which contains two columns – one with animal names and the other with baby animal names. Whoever matches the most animals to their babies is the winner. While some will be easy (like bear and cub), many of these animal-baby duos are stumpers!

Baby Shower (Sprinkle) Memory Game

Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (8)

This fun memory game will put your baby sprinkle guests’ brains to the test! Start by putting 15-20 baby-related items (like bottles, pacifiers, or diaper pins) on a tray. Gather your guests, then give them one to two minutes to look at the tray. Afterward, cover the tray with a blanket and hand out some pencils and paper. Whoever remembers the most items is the baby memory champion.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got a curated list of baby shower games for you to choose from. You’re sure to find a few that are ideal for your party, depending on your guests.

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Baby Sprinkle Menu

Some light snacks are appropriate for this kind of event. Try including a spread of cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, bottled sparkling water, and juice for your guests. Sprinkle themed baby shower cookies or cupcakes are a nice touch too. For recipe ideas, you can make yourself, see our recipe guide.

Virtual Baby Sprinkle

This type of event is entirely virtual. Typically you’ll send out your digital invites with the date and time. Then you’ll meet with your guests virtually for a video call on the day of the celebration. You can have a Zoom sprinkle baby shower or whatever video platform you prefer.

A virtual shower will usually last a short amount of time, around 45 minutes or so. If you’re unsure about the particulars, you can learn how to throw a fantastic virtual shower here. If you use WebBabyShower for your event, we take care of all the details so you can enjoy a stress-free day. Read more about it here.

You can still play a couple of virtual games for a virtual baby sprinkle, converse with your guests, and even include food if you prepare in advance. It’s just as fun as an in-person event, just a bit shorter, and everyone will be in their own home.

Combine the Best of Both

If you like the idea of an in-person baby sprinkle as much as a virtual one, try hosting a hybrid event, which is a combination of the two. Maybe you’re wondering how to plan a sprinkle baby shower hybrid event. Here’s what to do.

If some people you’d like to invite live far away and some are near, invite the ones that live close by to celebrate in person, and at the same time, host an event online. It’s a great way to make sure you don’t leave anyone out of the fun.

For more ideas on throwing a sprinkle baby shower hybrid party, check out this guide.

Baby Sprinkle Invitation Ideas

There are a lot of adorable ways to announce you’re hosting a baby sprinkle. We have plenty of happy customers who have sent baby sprinkle invites using WebBabyShower.

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Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (11)

Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas

Solly Baby Wrap

This silky-soft wrap allows the parents to get stuff done while simultaneously snuggling their newest family member. The Solly baby wrap is lightweight and made from a silky-smooth material that is cool to the touch.

Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (12)

Angelcare Baby Bath Support

This safe and compact chair allows the parents to cradle the baby while partly immersing them in water for a safer and more enjoyable bath experience. The chair comes in gray, blue, or pink to match the parents color preferences.

Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (13)

Munchkin Bottle Brush

This helpful brush cleaner has a flexible neck that gets into every nook and cranny. The suction-cup base allows parents to rest it down without worrying about it rolling onto the floor.

Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (14)

Ergobaby Besafe Car Seat

This Besafe Car Seat is stylish and safe, with added protection for the infant’s sides and head. It’s ergonomic and lightweight, with a comfortable carry handle that won’t hurt your hands.

Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (15)

Diaper Cakes

Make diaper gifting more exciting with this adorable diaper cake. Each cake comes with diapers, baby shampoo, lotion, wipes, organic balm, and other much-needed newborn necessities, making this a practical gift with an exciting twist.

Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (16)


These wipes are unscented and soft, making them perfect for delicate skin. They also come in adorable packaging that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (17)

Baby Sprinkle Favors

Sprinkle favors are the perfect way to thank your close friends and family for being a part of your baby’s life. Sprinkle favors tend to be fun and casual to mimic the tone of the event. Next, we’ll go through several low-key favor ideas that your guests will adore.

Sprinkled With Love Hand Sanitizers

Everyone needs a little hand sanitizer now and again, making this the perfect baby sprinkle gift for a coed event. The labels say “sprinkled with love” and come in either blue, pink, or neutral to accommodate your style preferences.

Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (18)

Sprinkled With Love Doughnut Bags

Most people love doughnuts, making these cute “sprinkled with love” doughnut bags the perfect favor for a diverse guest list. Not a doughnut fan? No problem. You can easily fit cookies, candy, brownies, or any other small treat in the bags instead.

Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (19)

Pop it When She Pops Wine Labels

Give your friends and family a fun way to celebrate your newest addition with these mini-wine bottle labels. Buy a few packs of your favorite mini-wine or champagne, then add one of these pre-made labels. This is an excellent baby sprinkle party favor if you’re low on time.

Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (20)

Sprinkle Candle Favors

These festive sprinkle candles are gender-neutral, so they are perfect for a baby of any sex. You can personalize the labels to thank your loved ones in your own personal style.

Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (21)

Throw a Virtual Sprinkle with WebBabyShower

If you’re thinking about how to host a sprinkle baby shower, know that WebBabyShower is a leader in hosting virtual sprinkle events. You can create your own customizable web page, send out unlimited digital invites, use RSVP tracking, communicate with guests, upload photos and videos, and more.


What to Put on Your Baby Sprinkle Registry?

Suppose you’re hosting this event as a second or third shower. In that case, you probably already have some needed items like a crib or stroller. For a baby sprinkle, it’s a good idea to only ask for essentials.

You may choose not to advertise your registry at all but keep it around just in case people ask what they can get you. Add it to your baby shower website in the navigation bar so guests can access it if they need it. Or, if you prefer, add the registry link to your digital invites.

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Who Hosts a Baby Sprinkle?

Many people aren’t familiar with the concept of a baby sprinkle. Basically, they are very similar to baby showers, just smaller and a bit more casual. They are usually thrown for a second or third child since the parents likely already had a big, traditional shower for their firstborn. Like a baby shower, baby sprinkles are usually hosted by the parents-to-be, a close friend, or an immediate family member.

Who Should I Invite to Celebrate a Baby Sprinkle?

Only you can answer this for sure! It’s your party, so invite people you want to be there. As a general rule of thumb, baby sprinkle guest lists usually include just close family and friends.

Should There Be Games at a Baby Sprinkle?

You can absolutely play games at a baby sprinkle, but you don’t have to. Since baby sprinkles are short – usually an hour or less – you can include a couple of short ones or none at all. If you do, choose games that don’t take much time and just play a couple. Here’s our list of baby shower games to help. If you’re hosting a virtual event, check out these ideas.

Can You Give Gifts at a Baby Sprinkle?

Yes, gifts are lovely to give at a baby sprinkle. But consider a few things first. The new parents may have a lot of the baby items they need already, so make sure to follow the registry or ask if you’re unsure. For gift ideas, see our article.

You Can Host an Amazing Baby Shower Sprinkle

No matter how you choose to host – in-person, virtual, or hybrid – WebBabyShower can help you stay organized and give you great ideas and checklists to help with your planning. A baby sprinkle is a stress-free and casual way to celebrate, and your guests are sure to have a fantastic time!

When we suggest products, it’s based on our independent research. But hey, we may receive a commission on some links if you buy. If you have a better product suggestion, 4sure let us know. We 💖 reader suggestions!

Sprinkle Baby Shower – Ideas to throw a Memorable Baby Sprinkle (2024)
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