A Quintessential List Of "Q" Names For Boys From Quint & Quade To Quick (2024)

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A Quintessential List Of "Q" Names For Boys From Quint & Quade To Quick (1)


A Quintessential List Of “Q” Names For Boys

There aren’t a lot, but we’ve got a good start...

by Jamie Kenney

Some letters get all the names. “J” names? You could rattle off a few dozen in two minutes without breaking a sweat. “M” names? Malcolm, Michael, Morrison —I could go all day long. But boy names that start with Q? That’s where it gets difficult. Oh sure, there are some standbys (I’m not going to lie: Arabic and Latin are doing some very heavy lifting), but by and large you have to dig just a little (OK, a lot) deeper to come up with a list. But I’m not a quitter and neither are you. The letter “Q” may have a deep meaning for you, or maybe you just want a unique baby boy name that starts with “Q” because you like it. No matter what, that’s why I’ve put together a list of “Q” names for boys that can get you started on this quirky naming adventure.

As I said, some of these “Q” names for a baby boy are traditional (like, super traditional: Ancient Rome traditional), some are inspired by literature or far-off places (at least far off if you live in America), and many march to the beat of their own drum and have been dreamt up more recently. This last category of names are often uniquely American, combining inspiration from lots of different cultures or putting a new spin on an older, non-Q name.

So without further ado: you have questions, I have “Q” names for boys.



I’m starting with the name Quint for a reason: a whole lot of the names on our list have this Latin root for “five” in their definition. Perfect if this is your fifth child or son, if they are the fifth family member, or if you just find the number five meaningful in your life.



Case in point! The name Quentin comes from France, but is derived from the Latin word for five.



You know, like the old fashioned feather pen? I love the name Quill for a creative couple who hopes their son inherits their love of the written word.



This name of Quixote comes from Don Quixote, the epic novel by Miguel de Cervantes. Don Quixote is a quirky but principled knight who doesn’t see the world as it is, but as it could be. A perfect “Q” name for a baby boy if you’re looking for imagination and adventure.



The name Quetzal comes from the gorgeous, vibrantly colored bird in Central America. The quetzal figures prominently in the regions mythology and folklore.



A quince is an apple-like fruit and this unisex name of Quince is of English origin. In fact, Quince (specifically Peter Quince) is a character in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.



A perfect name for your little future adventurer is Quest. It feels super strong, but lovely at the same time.



This place name, Quito, is the capital of Ecuador, so it could be a great way to celebrate heritage (or maybe just a love of travel) if you want a meaningful boy name that starts with “Q.”



This Arabic boys name, Qabil, means “able,” and can also be spelled Qaabil.



A meaningful name of Arab origin, Quadir means “capable” or “competent.” In Islam, “al-Qādir” is one of God’s 99 tribute names.



This baby boy name of Quirino is both a last name and a place name: Quirino is a landlocked province in the Philippines known for its mountainous terrain.



This Arab “Q” name of Qasim means “one who distributes” and was the name of the Prophet Muhamad’s eldest son.



This unisex Vietnamese name of Quang means “clear,” “pure,” or “bright” and is pronounced “kwang.”



Whether you’re a fan of Quincy Market or Quincey Jones, this “Q” boy name is a sweet and versatile choice.



Quavon is an American boy name that starts with Q, but doesn’t have clear etymology — it may just be an invented name that reflects a feeling rather than a word. To be honest, I love the vibe.



This American name of Quadarius has its roots in the Persian name “Darius,” meaning “kingly.” Sure, it’s a lot to live up to, but your little guy can do it.



Have we reached a “quint” name BINGO yet? I love the name Quintus for its unmistakably Roman feel. It feels very strong and traditional.



Pronounced “kay,” the baby boy name of Quay refers to the stone structure used for docking ships. I like it as a symbolic name, like, something that’s sturdy, dependable, and helpful in even uncertain waters.



This earthy name of Quartz is perfect for families that are a little bit hippie, but 100% cool. It has some definite nature connections, and if you believe in the powers of Quartz, it might feel extra special to you as a name.



The name Quantrell is of English origin and comes from the Norman surname Quantrill, referring to the town of Chantarel in northern France.



I like to see Quaker as a “Q” name correlated to “Christian.” Quakers seek to have a personal, direct experience with God, both within themselves and out in the world. It gives off very traditional vibes.



This last name turned first name of Quade (also spelled Quaid) is Irish and means “descendent of Uáid” (a very old version of the name Walter).



Yes, Quick is a sweet boy name that starts with Q, and yes, Like the adjective. Because why not? It’s cool, and gives off vibes like the popular names Chase and Dash.



A unisex Arabic name, Qamar means “moon,” perfect for a little one who makes his entrance at night.



Related to the Arab name Qadir, the name Qadry also means “capable.”

Well this has been quite fun and a quintessential experience for anyone thinking of names that start with “Q” for a boy. There are a lot of unique choices here, and fingers crossed you find the perfect “Q” name for your baby boy.

A Quintessential List Of "Q" Names For Boys From Quint & Quade To Quick (2024)
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